Assortment of Books

I am an avid reader and I honestly got the spark of this idea from a novel. Silly as it may sound, something in the novel and the way she laid out her plans to start a bookshop spoke to my heart. I truly want to be able to reach out to people through stories the way that story reached out to me.  Books have a way of transporting you to different worlds, or they can change your point of view on something you haven't thought of before. They can make you laugh or cry or really think.

Nothing touches my heart more then to see the happiness in a child that is learning to read and the joy on their faces when they actually complete a sentence. I love seeing the passion in peoples eyes when they are discussing their favorite book or sharing in the sadness they feel when it ends and they didn't want it too. I want to create a life for me and my children in which I can share my passion for books with others and give back to the community.