Joe Casimir needs help with the choice he has to make. But who do you choose the person who will help you choose? Mr. Boulderwall, the millionaire, knows exactly what he wants Joe to choose. And millionaires are experts at making choices. Well, aren't they? 

But Vinnie, the Number Two man down at Sope Electric, doesn't much approve of millionaires. He says to Joe, "Listen, kid, all of em act like they're the only ones with a ticket to the show!" But he doesn't have any real advice to offer. Joe's gran doesn't either, as it turns out, and neither does Aunt Myra. 

The good advice is there, though. Tight across the street. Just waiting right across the street. There are alot of good things waiting. You'll see. 

The Moon Over High Street by Natalie Babbitt